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Eyeshield 21 Staffel 1

[Ger Sub] American Football ist ein Spiel für Spezialisten, nicht für Alleskönner. Sena ist einer von ihnen. Seine Stärken sind wahrlich nicht seine Kraft und Aggressivität - er ist ein Spezialist in Sachen Geschwindigkeit. Durch Hiruma mit unkonventionellen, aber recht überzeugenden Mitteln angeworben, tritt er in den American Football-Klub "Deimon Devil Bats" seiner Schule ein.


Anime Action Comedy


2005 - 2008


Ryoukan Kurita, Sena Kobayakawa, Tarou Raimon, Youichi Hiruma und 1 weiterer


Studio Gallop


Keine Angabe


Keine Angabe

Mediocre Power [GerSub]

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The Man With The Lightspeed Legs! [GerSub]
Let's Play American Football! [GerSub]
Blaze A Path Down The Field! [GerSub]
What I Hold In My Hands! [GerSub]
Half-Second Body Guards! [GerSub]
The Pierce Of The Spear Tackle! [GerSub]
Fighting to Win! [GerSub]
Never Quit! [GerSub]
The Catching Master! [GerSub]
A Hero's Qualifications! [GerSub]
Oath Under The Setting Sun! [GerSub]
Max Catch! [GerSub]
The Terror Of The Chameleon! [GerSub]
The Scorching Hell Tower! [GerSub]
Find Eyeshield! [GerSub]
Farewell, Kurita?! [GerSub]
The Kid And Iron Horse! [GerSub]
A Slacker's Pride! [GerSub]
The Lower-Class Laughs At Its Challengers! [GerSub]
The Sphinx's Secret Weapon! [GerSub]
Fly, Devil Bat! [GerSub]
A Mysterious Girl Appears! [GerSub]
The Weightless Man [GerSub]
Blitz! Japan vs. USA! [GerSub]
The Caged Black Panther! [GerSub]
A Real Beast [GerSub]
Take Back Cerberus! [GerSub]
American Football Downtown! [GerSub]
Ultimate Combo! The Devil Gunmen! [GerSub]
At The Gates Of Hell! [GerSub]
Minds Made Up! [GerSub]
Quitters? [GerSub]
OH! My Sister! [GerSub]
Signs Of A Ghost! [GerSub]
A Solitary Death March! [GerSub]
The Final Trial! [GerSub]
The Distant Peak [GerSub]
The New Starting Lineup [GerSub]
The Road To The Christmas Bowl! [GerSub]
The Night Before The Game! [GerSub]
The Ace's Missing?! [GerSub]
The Devil Bat Ghost! [GerSub]
The Legendary 60-Yard Magnum! [GerSub]
A ha ha! My Debut! [GerSub]
The Ghost Is Sealed?! [GerSub]
The Ghost vs. The Spear! [GerSub]
Hot! Guts! Fire! [GerSub]
A Battle Of Effort, Fortitude, And Will! [GerSub]
The Refined Spirit Of A Lineman! [GerSub]
The Courage To Stand Firm. [GerSub]
Danger! The Lethal Cameleon [GerSub]
Clash! Cameleon vs Poseidon [GerSub]
Fear Of The Poisonous Scorpion! [GerSub]
The Control Tower Which Disappeared [GerSub]
Wall Of The Physique Difference [GerSub]
Our Small Contract! [GerSub]
The Man Who Knows 21 [GerSub]
Devil vs Sea God [GerSub]
Back Ace Man [GerSub]
Promise On The Field! [GerSub]
Determination To Win! [GerSub]
Terror! Moby Dick Anchor [GerSub]
Offense And Defence 30 cm!! [GerSub]
The Man Possessing Speed Of Light Appears!? [GerSub]
Deimon High School Sports Meet!! [GerSub]
Sprinter Sena!? [GerSub]
Promise Of The Three [GerSub]
Fastest Proof [GerSub]
Field Of Desperation [GerSub]
Musashi Is Here [GerSub]
The Devil's Counterattack [GerSub]
Pride Of Speed Of Light [GerSub]
Fated Kick [GerSub]
A Rival's Promise [GerSub]
Spider's Threat [GerSub]
Come Back! Musashi! [GerSub]
The Real [GerSub]
The One That Waits Previously [GerSub]
Kobayakawa Sena [GerSub]
The Strongest Kick Team [GerSub]
The Truth Of Red Pupil [GerSub]
Run! Musashi! [GerSub]
Time That Began To Move [GerSub]
The Devil In The Storm [GerSub]
The Man Who Is Loved By God [GerSub]
Time Up Of The Light And Shadow [GerSub]
The Strongest Soldiers In Tokyo!! [GerSub]
Deimon's Halftime Show [GerSub]
Opening! Cream Puff Cup!! [GerSub]
Brand New Trial [GerSub]
Fighting Spirit! Death Climb [GerSub]
3 Brothers Of Texas Ranch [GerSub]
Yell Of Friendship [GerSub]
Secret Weapon In Silverly White [GerSub]
Break Down The Wall Of Blizzard [GerSub]
Now! To The Kantou Meet! [GerSub]
Farewell, Onihei [GerSub]
Cameleon's Counterattack! [GerSub]
Deimon High School Festival!! [GerSub]
The Invisible Lock [GerSub]
Strongest Evil [GerSub]
Overcome Your Fears [GerSub]
The Iron Wall Double Stopper [GerSub]
One Line Lacking [GerSub]
The Final Death Game [GerSub]
Fieresome God, Kongou Agon [GerSub]
The Enemy Is Shinryuuji [GerSub]
Detective Sena!? [GerSub]
Talent of Catching [GerSub]
Barrier Of Talent [GerSub]
Go Forth, Devil Bats! [GerSub]
Devil vs God! [GerSub]
The Twelfth Athlete [GerSub]
Mediocre Power [GerSub]
Number One Is Trapped [GerSub]
The Will Of A Warrior [GerSub]
Time Out Zero [GerSub]
Huddle Without Answers [GerSub]
To The Limits Of The Death Battle [GerSub]
Super Dreadnaught! Dinosaurs!! [GerSub]
Battlefied Of The Wolves [GerSub]
Rodeo Drive Stampede [GerSub]
The Knight With No Weakness [GerSub]
Ultimate Spear!! [GerSub]
White Knights High School Festival! [GerSub]
Promise To Become An Ace [GerSub]
Just For Victory [GerSub]
Devil vs. Man With The Speed Of Light [GerSub]
A Challenge To The King [GerSub]
Fanfare Start [GerSub]
Prison Chain Of Wrath [GerSub]
The Knight Who Commands The Sky [GerSub]
Ballista Of The Kingdom [GerSub]
Invincible Barrier [GerSub]
Peerless Superman [GerSub]
21 Defeated [GerSub]
Half Time Of Fate [GerSub]
Ground Battle After The Rain [GerSub]
The 9999th Catch [GerSub]
Two Aces [GerSub]
Devil Stun Gun Initiated [GerSub]
Devil's Wings [GerSub]
A Deep Attachment [GerSub]
The Last Moment [GerSub]
Everybody, let`s play American Football! [GerSub]

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